Main Supervisor


  1. Asem Alnabih, Study of quality of life due to environmental noise exposure (On-going)

  2. Fariza Noor Saari, Detecting machinery faults using 3D pattern recognition from vibration data, Main Supervisor (On-going)

  3. Dayang Hafizah Kassim, Natural kapok and coir fibers as sustainable sound absorber (On-going)

  4. Ali Ibrahim Mosa, MPP absorber with inhomogeneous pattern (Completed)

  5. Mohd Azli Salim, Dynamic analysis of a laminated rubber-metal spring for high frequency vibration isolation (Completed)





  1. Nor Hisham Sulaiman, Potential kenaf core for acoustics and thermal conductivity applications (On-going)

Main Supervisor


  1. Esraa Jamil, Numerical model of MPP absorber with irregular hole spacings (Completed)

  2. Norzailan Azahari, Modelling noise transmission loss of weather strip in car door (Completed)

  3. Ahmad Yusuf Ismail, Modelling of sound transmission loss for a micro-perforated system to control mass-air mass resonance in a double-leaf partition (Completed)

  4. Yasseer Abdullah, Development of sustainable sound absorbers from dried paddy straw and sugarcane natural waste fibers (Completed)

  5. Al Munawir, A new Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) model for predicting car interior noise (Completed)

  6. Sajidin Py, Hybrid microperforated panel and natural waste fibres as eco-friendly sound absorber and noise barrier (Completed)

  7. Noor Fariza Saari, Characterization of structure-borne sound sources (Completed)

  8. Dayang Hafizah Kassim, A complete study on improving the acoustical performance of Sayyidina Abu Bakar Mosque (Completed)

  9. Nurain Shyafina Abd Latif, Development of mathematical model of sound radiation from vibrating perforated panel using discrete source (Completed)

  10. Cheah Yee Mun, Modelling structure-borne vibration transmission in building (Completed)

  11. Or Khai Hee, On studying the acoustical properties of palm fruit bunch fibers (Completed)

  12. Fazlin Abd Khair, Bamboo and reed as non-fibrous acoustic absorber (Completed)

  13. Sidik Susilo, On harvesting energy from ambient noise utilizing flexural vibration of a flexible panel (Completed)

  14. Lim Zhi Ying, Acoustical performance of hybrid coir-kenaf fibers (Completed)

  15. Lim Kah Hei, Modelling sound radiation from beam-stiffened and shallow curved panels (Completed)





  1. Muhammad Harith Mustaffer, Characterisation of a Wideband Nonlinear Dynamic Vibration Absorber (Completed)

  2. Khalis Suhaimi, Modeling of vibration based energy harvesting from human body motion (Completed)

Has supervised 70 students for Final Year Projects into completion, 3 on-going.

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