Teaching Philosophy

I believe learning engineering subjects must be a fun journey for students. Learning for the students is to appreciate and to grasp a fundamental concept, and to bring that concept to solve a complex problem later in their life.

Teaching Portfolio

These are the stories on how I transform my classroom and create impact on the students.

1. Back in the early days

What was my teaching style when I first became a lecturer? Why did Mechanical Vibration become the subject with most students failed every semester?

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2. Why do I need to change?

Why can’t I stay in my comfort zone? Why does the behaviour of the today’s students and the rapid progress of the ICT make my conventional teaching style irrelevant?

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3. Classroom in Your Hand

Most students now have the most powerful device in their hands, which is the mobile phone. How do I design the learning so that the students can effectively learn from their phones?


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Or straight dive in to the CiYH framework:



4. Flipped and Collaborative Learning

With the digital contents are already available online, the students can learn them before coming to the class, and learning activities in the classroom can be focused with problem solving and discussion collaboratively.

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5. Professional Development

To keep progressing, finding the right community to share and to gain best practices in T&L is important. This includes mentoring my colleagues to ensure sustainability of transformation in the faculty.

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